iPhone Social Network Application Development

iPhone Social Networking Application Development
Social Networking on the iPhone
The iPhone has many built-in features that can connect users to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Friendbook. However, to gain wider access to all the features of these social networking sites, customized applications need to be developed.
Customized Social Networking Applications
The iPhone Social Networking Application developed by i-Phoneappsdeveloper allows users to seamlessly access the most popular social networking websites with a few clicks. With our social networking application you can send mails, operate on various social networking sites and other popular internet tools easily and rapidly. It also has a large database with powerful access capabilities that allow you to view information, contacts, game scores, messages and allied social activities by closely integrating with social networking sites. Looking for something on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter? Your customized iPhone app will find it for you quickly with a few easy clicks.

If you’d like to develop interactive fun activities and games for these sites being accessed by your iPhone, we can build applications that allow you to play word games, publish e-book on iphone, share music, post photos, add comments on them and even modify the photographs.

By deploying the latest tools like 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and WiFi, your iPhone application developed by us will communicate easily with other phones like the Blackberry, Android or Windows mobile phone.
So expand your social horizons on the iPhone and get in touch with anybody anywhere in the world with your iPhone equipped with our Social Networking Application.

To find out more about our existing app or create a customized one for your special needs, call us on 033.2595.6619 or email your requirements to arijit@virtualinfocom.co.in